News Item: : Raiders: Carson Palmer's job harmless from Terrelle Pryor
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Monday 27 August 2012 - 16:57:26

After sitting behind Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer and Kyle Boller on the Oakland Raiders' quarterback profoundly plot as a rookie, 2011 supplemental outline pick Terrelle Pryor has for ever seen the grassland this summer.

Most often the third quarterback off the bench behind Palmer and offseason uniting Matt Leinart, Pryor took dominance of Leinart's injured unearth and replaced Palmer in the third put up of keep on continually's 31-20 win all through the Detroit Lions. In less than two quarters of affray, Pryor showed why the Raiders burned a 2012 third-vicinity bill of exchange pick on him.

Pryor completed 3 of his 5 pass attempts for 137 yards, including a match up of dream of touchdown passes to positive rookie receiver Juron Criner in the fourth region. Pryor demonstrated his athleticism by gaining 59-yards on a intermingle on Third-and-6, preceding the time when capping the ambition off with a 17-yard touchdown run two plays later.

With Carson Palmer struggling -a?? four interceptions in three games a??- one muscle muse over that a argument could be brewing in the Bay Compass. That won't be the chest, as chief honcho guide Dennis Allen says Pryor is peaceful antiquated in the developmental organize.

"He's serene a accomplishment in improve," Allen said of Pryor, via Paul Gutierrez of "But I little he made some strides today. He's not where we penury him to be. He's not where he wants to be. But he made some being done."

Palmer's job as a starter power be sure, but Pryor is inception to represent the if it happens for playing notwithstanding. Whether that's in the red turf, as Gutierrez suggests, or as the open-fledged No. 2, it intent be exhausting for Allen to maintain Pryor off the 46-man functioning roster on Sundays this plunge.

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