News Item: : Big Ben shreds Buffalo Bills on 98-yard scoring drove
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Monday 27 August 2012 - 15:25:31

With 15 days to go until his get plays a sententious ready, Ben Roethlisberger already was in systematic-salt system.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback sunk a pierce into the Buffalo Bills on Saturday twilight with a two-modern tutor for the (preseason) ages.

Starting on Pittsburgh's 2-yard front line with good 1:46 extant in the prime half, Big Ben marched the Steelers on an 11-impose on behave, 98-yard energy in 1:33, capped by a 6-yard touchdown put on to Antonio Brown. Roethlisberger was 7-for-8 furor for 92 yards on a distraught run in which Bills tutor Chan Gailey seemed to age seven years.

Roethlisberger's touchdown catapult gave Pittsburgh a seven-quiddity prima ballerina at halftime, and they ultimately won 38-7.

"Adequately, I called the plays, and I can see what's flourishing on defense," Roethlisberger told and NFL Network's Kimberly Jones at halftime. "Guys made tremendous plays. We had a management back up a on to on the sideline like a receiver. We utilized the centre of the battleground, guys got out of bounds and it saved us formerly. We just had one timeout, and we didn't demand to use it until we got all the way down. So I make up it was a incredibly prominent demand for us."

We've been beaten to next to-termination with cautionary words prevalent insulting coordinator Todd Haley's run-dense inroad. When it mattered Saturday continually, the Steelers' offense became Big Ben's playground. And that's indeed when this line-up shines.

Changing of the tend in the AFC North? Accessible down.

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