News Item: : Panthers holder: Re-signing manumit agents is tandem join up's top precedence
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Friday 22 July 2011 - 08:25:29

Carolina Panthers possessor Jerry Richardson said Thursday that it's his rank to re-abandon his line-up's unhindered agents years the NFL lockout is lifted. Richardson didn't make mention of anyone by pre-eminence, but defensive end Charles Johnson obviously would be a preference.

And Richardson could be dressed a noggin start on the striving since, call of the labor recommendation that owners approved Thursday, teams would be allowed to originate negotiations with their own players as in short order as Saturday. That's three days on the eve of other teams can get into the mix. "Leading, we got to mark our own players," Richardson said. "We're flourishing to bring together on ours in front. We're current to be martial in gratis intermediation. We're prearranged to do what it takes to put the wealthiest party together."

Flush with in preference to that, Richardson hoped the NFL Players Union would make a note the steps it needs for players to narrate to line-up facilities Saturday. With a new motor coach in Ron Rivera and a rookie quarterback in No. 1 whole postal order pick Cam Newton, Richardson knows his rig has an uphill climb because of such widespread unfamiliarity.

"Our coaching alpenstock knows the names of our players, but they can't put the names with faces because they in reality don't recollect them," Richardson said. Richardson also addressed the to be to come of battle-scarred extensive receiver Steve Smith - adequate of - who reportedly has asked to be traded. "I warmth Steve, but I experience to be unreserved with you: Steve hasn\'t been in the forefront of my give someone hell," Richardson said, referring to his priorities with the labor commission to try and get a new collective bargaining treaty completed.

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