News Item: : DeSean Jackson fatigued of media 'twisting' his words
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Saturday 25 August 2012 - 13:32:58

DeSean Jackson spoke with ESPN's Lisa Salters on Monday in an interrogate we applauded for its trustworthiness. Here's the key excerpt on his draw together aftermost year:

"I let it get to me, self-possessed notwithstanding that I tried not to let it. I was vexing to shelter myself from getting injure -- now I'm no more than giving it all," Jackson said.

These comments were picked up in a lot of places. It's not surprising Jackson was tough to screen himself terminating year. It was simple. But Jackson isn't joyful with how they came across.

"The Media neck twisting my attack words up," Jackson wrote on Warble. "An they every wondering why I don't wanna talk 2 they (cuss-word) .. That (four-letter word) is un - experienced."

We didn't really notice how other places handled Jackson's words, so we're not sure exactly what outlet drew his ire. We're sure the Philadelphia radio stations weren't overly kind to him.

With that in mind, we won't say anymore. We'll let Jackson's words stand on their own and let you decide.

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