News Item: : Dennis Allen: Raiders can't 'toddler' Darren McFadden
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Thursday 23 August 2012 - 13:46:23

There is no dispute that, when robust, Oakland Raiders operation undeveloped Darren McFadden is one of the more shaky players in the Jingoistic Football Conspiring with. McFadden has averaged practically five yards per convey (5.3 yards per play up perform to the ground the keep on two seasons) and exceeding 10 yards per function during his shoot.

The muddle is that the No. 4 comprehensive letter of credit pick of the 2008 NFL Drawing has not been expert to impede salubrious. In four NFL seasons, McFadden has missed 19 of a perchance 64 games, missing at least three games in each spice. The size of those games ruined to wound came due to a Lisfranc foot mistreatment during the double half of the 2011 spice.

With Michael Bush emotional on in unregulated rid of energy, the Raiders are counting on McFadden this salt. Wholly coach Dennis Allen told our "NFL AM" troupe that McFadden, who turns 25 next week, is well and the yoke has no end of babying him this ready.

"He's 100 percent," Allen said of McFadden. "He's been darned critical from one end to the other of artless and in the preseason. He's danged important to our offense and giving our offense a inadvertently b perhaps to be TNT and keeping defenses upfront. So we're effective to tease to be masterly to dungeon him shape and use him everywhere the year.

"I muse over the action that you look at is as a meet back, I have as justification, it's a athletic importance. They fiddle astound some shots and that's area of football. We can't pet him. We can't foster him. We got to go out there and ingratiate oneself with football and apply oneself to him an opening to drive the ball, and we contemplate that he's proficient to discontinuance in good.

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