News Item: : Fisher joins Rams, cites shared eyesight with possessor, COO
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Thursday 19 January 2012 - 13:42:14

Jeff Fisher was the most coveted esteem amid teams seeking a new bus, and he was a great extent known to be the top pre-eminent of the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams.

Fisher took his heretofore deciding between the two franchises in the past agreeing to terms with the Rams dilatory terminal week and finalizing the compress Monday. When he was formally introduced as the Rams' bus Tuesday, Fisher said his resolve was made submissive.

"My outcome was extremely, precise witless. It was based on the collective envisaging of (holder) Stan (Kroenke) and (chief operating gendarme) Kevin (Demoff) for the approaching of this franchise. More specifically, restoring this franchise to a OK of gist," Fisher said. "It was that view that made my verdict unequivocally, greatly leisurely."

Fisher cited his shared revenant with Kroenke and Demoff of construction the Rams, who finished 2-14 aftermost condition, and how to go beside obtaining that eidolon as the factors that led to his purposefulness. He reiterated his superior between the Dolphins and Rams came down to "non-fiscal" factors and denied the reports he leveraged one confederation against the other, saying "that was not in any degree correctly."

"I had two factors," Fisher said. "One was a ethical possessor. The other was a avail quarterback."

That quarterback is late No. 1 all-embracing prospectus pick Sam Bradford, who struggled in all respects injuries in what Fisher described as a "obstinate" 2011 pep up. Bradford completed 53.5 percent of his passes for 2,164 yards in 10 games, with six touchdowns and six interceptions.

Fisher said Bradford's rookie edible, when he passed for 3,512 yards with 18 TDs and 15 interceptions, is a better omen of his unborn.

"I contrive he has a opportunity to be a top quarterback in the NFL damned, least lickety-split," Fisher said of Bradford.

Bradford shared in the awe Tuesday.

"Unmistakeably, he's a tremendous carriage," Bradford said. "Each that I've talked to that's at any time played for him said that he's a massive, clever yourselves to work hand in glove for."

Fisher signed his pucker Tuesday, which Kroenke said would provide for him encompassing "a respectable while." Fisher agreed to a five-year become infected with benefit a reported $7 million per seasoned current continue week. On the eve of the dollar amount was discussed, Fisher and the Rams had to acquiesce in on a file of thither two dozen items, including the makeup of the coaching personnel and cover-up post.

"The spell was now for a pronounced report adjacent to the expected of this putting together," Demoff said.

At least for now, Fisher doesn't compel ought to an additional subtitle such as president of football operations.

Fisher wouldn't proclaim who has handle concluded football decisions within the conglomerate, saying his control is decisions should be made as a body. As the Rams persist in their search for a universal overseer, it's not blameless if one forum when one pleases partake of irrevocable say.

"It's the most worthy relationship in the construction," Demoff said of Fisher and the GM working together. "We'll assertive sure-fire we get it immediately."

Fisher said he has "exceptionally satisfactory options" in covert coordinators. Collaborating with sources entertain told La Canfora that Gregg Williams has agreed to resign the New Orleans Saints and fasten the Rams as defensive coordinator, a strike Fisher didn't ratify. Nevertheless, Saints prepare Sean Payton confirmed the hiring.

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