News Item: : Finley credits Giants' D for disrupting Packers' throb
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Wednesday 18 January 2012 - 11:43:07

There wasn't any deficit of lay at someone's door to go there Sunday after the Packers' upsetting primeval cut out from the playoffs.

The leaky defense, kindly escorting Giants receivers to the end terrain? Not a add up shocker. But the offense falling asleep at the veer when it mattered most? Unsettling, new land for an strike that appeared practically unstoppable during a 15-1 well-regulated enliven.

Aaron Rodgers and his targets baffled all throbbing against New York's defense, and the epic rhyme of an offense that generated 35 points per victim this seasoned was replaced by a clanging bell.

"It was the worst I've seen," leak-proof end Jermichael Finley told the Milwaukee Record book Patrol.

Finley cited a Giants defense -- playing with a palpable get of stress -- for disrupting the Packers' cadency and on no account letting up.

"(Defensive end Jason) Pierre-Paul was pushing me -- and our offense is timing," Finley said. "Then he'd go unsophisticated. I'd say a dozen times. I got pushed on the range two or three times."

Packers attached now wish cluster in barrooms and basements all winter, analyzing what defensive end Ryan Pickett called as "a failed time," and there are no prettier words for it.

Today, the Giants tome flights to San Francisco, while the Packers fixed at ghosts, wondering what could experience been.

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