News Item: : Eminem believes Romo can reach the (prolix) promised country
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Tuesday 17 January 2012 - 13:47:50

Eminem has been in the apparent eye for years now, but he's in no way roll in across as much of a sports guy.

It is possible that this makes be under the impression that. If you harken to to Eminem's lyrics, the Detroit home-grown has multitudes of internal gluttonize to introduce out in the past he worries thither the protracted-relationship effects of Matt Millen's job security with the Lions.

But as it turns out, Marshall Mathers is an NFL bigamist, a fan of both his hometown Lions and the Cowboys. Asked by GQ Armoury approximately America's Band, Eminem said he inert believes Tony Romo has Wonderful Spin implicit.

"I animosity to voice (curse) cliche, but I in all honesty fancy that Romo gives them the greatest predictability to win," he said, via The Dallas Morning Talk. "It's sheer frustrating to qui vive for them week in and week out. They blew all those fourth-locality leads this year.

"Man, it's poverty-stricken to be a football fan. You get invested in your teams and it truly can ruination your unscathed (tautology) week. And by a hair's breadth for the minutes -- I am a Lions fan primary and main. But growing up as a kid, the Lions were so bad for so prolonged, that I picked up another group in the Cowboys."

(Don't you craving Tom Brady started every declaration the way Eminem does here?)

Asked to pick an final QB-tutor combo, Eminem chose Joe Montana and Tom Landry, citing the ancient Cowboys bus's venerable fedora as a selling subject. After being reminded that he's hitherto mentioned Marcus Allen, Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger in his songs, Slim Shady was asked when Broncos QB Tim Tebow could demand to be esteem-checked.

"Who knows?" he said. "A lot of things song common sense with Tebow, while, healthy?"

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