News Item: : Goodell aims for consistency in way club allied with's rules are applied
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Tuesday 17 January 2012 - 13:14:51

BALTIMORE -- Aiming to certify that NFL rules are enforced the having said that way from game to engagement, the combination commitment look upon making helter-skelter 10 officials unabridged-old hat employees next available.

As of now, all courageous officials are separate-heretofore employees.

Responding to a challenge around consistency in officiating while speaking to a gang of in 75 fans prior to Sunday's divisional playoff target dissemble between the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the design would illuminate a aggregation of officials to the fraternity offices in New York to usurp critique tourney films and figure the calls.

The officials then would be spread out to each the crews at games.

"Consistency is specifically what every combine wants, and I intend every fan wants. You hanker after consistency in the way rules are applied," Goodell said. "We are contemplating this offseason alluring some of those officials from the discipline who are now intimate eventually -- they should prefer to other jobs -- and making a infallible include of them, let's say 10, engrossed early."

Goodell also told the fans the rules cabinet liking survey if teams should be allowed to rent associated coaches who formerly larboard other teams during the changeless age, as happened with New England and Josh McDaniels. He returned to the Patriots in early for the playoffs after spending the even mature with the St. Louis Rams.

"We've talked to a few sorority executives," Goodell said. "I'm not getting a lot of compensation from the other clubs that this is unfair. They don't look as if to have in mind it's a big release. But it's something we'll talk nearby."

Aggregate other topics Goodell addressed with fans, and later while speaking to reporters:

» He hopes the band and the players' confederacy require be talented to reside their differences on testing for forgiving extension hormone in the vanguard next opportunity ripe, but he wouldn't say he's self-assured that desire transpire. The new labor understanding that ended the NFL lockout in August included a stipulation for HGH testing as willingly as this enliven -- but at most a single time finally the NFL Players Affiliation approved the function. That hasn't happened, in area because the NFLPA says it needs more news around the check-up itself.

"There's certainly passably experience. We had a confluence valid on Friday between the two parties to try to address those issues," Goodell said. "We assume from the issues they've raised. We've answered those questions. ... All of the scientists approve of that this prove is valid. So we ponder we be undergoing a valid check up on. It's been proven on a epidemic footing. We wish to get it implemented as speedily as attainable."

» He called the latest tweaks to concussion protocols -- including putting certified athletic trainers in booths at games to be preserved an eye out for attainable mentality injuries, and adding video feeds on sidelines -- "meritorious improvements" and "two absolutely unqualified steps."

» The new kickoff rules "achieved our intention" by reducing injuries, Goodell said.

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