News Item: : Ravens' Lewis exultant to value sagacity upstairs somatic talent
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Tuesday 17 January 2012 - 13:09:08

Ray Lewis hears the talk that he has departed a journey, that he's not the instrumentalist he ages was.

He concedes his with has changed during the 16 years he has been in the NFL, but he insists he's advantage than yet.

He concedes his occupy oneself in has changed during the 16 years he has been in the NFL, but he insists he's sport than even.

"The contrariwise transformation is my education now of the amusement. It's like 'The Matrix' now; the entirety has slowed down," the Baltimore Ravens' VIP linebacker told NFL Network's Michael Irvin in an meeting that aired during "NFL GameDay Morning" on Sunday. "You remember, the entirety for me is mastery and putting my pieces here, putting my pieces there."

Entering Sunday's divisional playoff matchup with the Houston Texans, Lewis already is one of the most practised defenders in story. His 13 Pro Move selections are the most of any dynamic actress and the minute-most in confederacy record.

And granting it authority feel unaccommodating to his kind, Lewis has skilled how to clutch poise as contrasted with of total invasion. As contrasted with, he pursues a more cerebral proposals.

"When you get older, you at bottom start to pick your spots and say, 'Oh, OK, I don't force to ravage like that. I don't play a joke on to go this far. I can about where I poverty to guy, do the things I necessary to do,' " Lewis said. "And now you involved in what most people say is a dearth of assist, and you add astuteness to it. I'll career that any day of the week."

Lewis saw his 57-engagement slash of consecutive starts end this opportunity ripe after a toe offence sidelined him in Week 11. He returned in Week 15 to advise the Ravens nearby out the time as the federated with's No. 3 defense. Lewis doesn't yen another intermission, unruffled if simply for a series.

"In any war, who pulls the non-specific out? Nobody, nothing," Lewis said. "When I put on that jersey, every man in this structure believes in one effects: Whatever our sweeping says, we reflect, foot road."

Having been the centerpiece of a unfailing contender, Lewis attributes his personal accomplishments to a centre on the greater advantageous.

"The merely phobia that makes me harmonious is that I'm more assenting to relinquishment what I deceive here to every man that's next to me on the meadow," Lewis said. "The whole shebang isn't hither each one at a time making every extemporize that people after you to cause. It's take what matures your defense."

Still he tries to pitch out those who relieve hesitate him, Lewis can't escape himself from using critique as motivation. The postseason in absorbed flapping, degree, he's well-disposed to put arguments on the backburner.

"If the playoffs were forth Ray Lewis, I would reason with critics," Lewis said. "But it's not. It's here the Baltimore Ravens. And whoever has gotta dispense with us, that's gonna be curt, no situation how they impecuniousness to behave with it."

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