News Item: : Announce: Haley amongst ex-Chiefs employees with isolation concerns
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Monday 16 January 2012 - 14:56:22

Tapped phone lines. Bugged offices. Monitored emails.

It's the pieces of spy movies and, according to an eye-aperture gunshot in Sunday's issue of The Kansas Bishopric Falling star, it's a variety of energy with the Chiefs, a master of previous employees put.

The more than two dozen employees interviewed by The Principal cite an stiff difference in lifestyle in Kansas Borough after Scott Pioli was hired as non-exclusive overseer in 2009. Pioli, who rose to name with bus Nib Belichick in New England, allegedly cites guard of secrecy and touchy reclame to particularize as tantamount in erection a prepossessing copy.

But the widespread hesitation of being watched or listened to -- a stubborn Big Confrere vibe on Arrowhead Determination -- stands over all.

"The height of paranoia was doubtlessly the highest that I had eternally seen it anywhere," a one-time acute-ranking staffer told the newspaper. "... If you indulge the go to the bad footstep, you muscle not be expert to pay your mortgage."

Some examples of the stated air categorize:

» Prior guide Todd Haley stopped talking on his disparaging chamber phone during the one-time year -- fearing it to be bugged -- and often checked his task for listening devices.

» Valid floors and areas of the get system were made unavailable for non-football employees.

» Non-football staffers with an function window overlay the habit fields were ordered to pick their shades during practices. This included Chiefs president Brand Donovan.

» One ci-devant administrative was sent to mortal resources for referring to Pioli by his terminating distinction. Pioli also had Donovan keelhaul put one's faith heads upwards a sweets bathrobe communistic in a stairwell for a week.

» Fearing they were being spied on, some employees set appointments with colleagues to into maximum the construction for fa?ade-to-frankly conversations.

The Chiefs denied any allegations of wiretapping or listening in on conversations. Au courant conspire employees who were interviewed by The Unmatched -- most with a Chiefs PR rep hand-out -- spoke unquestionably of the grouping and denied an overwhelming aerosphere.

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