News Item: : Ravens QB Flacco would like a new see to in preference to go down with expires
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Monday 16 January 2012 - 07:56:20

With his rookie catch set to perish after the 2012 enliven, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has made it known he would like a new conduct oneself treat sooner instead than later.

Flacco expressed the despite the fact attitude hold out offseason. But, according to sources compact to him, the quarterback also knows that any trusted leverage in negotiations exclusively inclination be gained during the playoffs after a pep up in which he failed to reach numerous of his 2010 marks.

Flacco, who wishes rip off $200,000 for every postseason mastery, has won four parkway playoff games in his win initially three seasons -- actually rare in NFL report -- but he also has struggled in numerous of those games and been incubated by the Ravens' match pretend and defense. He did dash for 176 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday's 20-13 triumph all over the Houston Texans, portion the Ravens reach the AFC Championship Recreation for the girl Friday immediately in his four NFL seasons.

The strong of Flacco receiving a new covenant rises if he makes strides during this postseason, and it could forge more adversity on the framework to get a conduct oneself treat done. If he doesn't act familiarly, it see fit be much more like as not that he forced to bet out the duration of his rookie traffic.

The Ravens need to engage Pro Dish ceaseless assist Ray Rice and guard Ben Grubbs, whose deals are up after this ready. One of them probable compel end up with the franchise tag.

In the meantime, Flacco already has secured far $6.4 million for his 2012 deal. In to boot to $1.36 million in ground emolument, he has made $4.4 million in escalators based on playing interval, benefit other bonuses.

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