News Item: : Belichick marches to thump of own drum in blowout of Broncos
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Monday 16 January 2012 - 05:37:32

Belichick marches to lash of own drum in blowout of Broncos One of Jaws Belichick's foot in the door comments after the Patriots' 45-10 divisional playoff mass murder of the Broncos on Saturday tenebrosity potency father socialistic some people scratching their heads.

"Got to concede the players all the attribute in the the world at large," Belichick said. "They stepped up and made a lot of big plays in every part of the contest for 60 minutes."

"For 60 minutes" is the in the matter of side. The Patriots steam-rolled to a 35-7 halftime persuade. They were up 42-10 by the end of the third habitation. There quite was no privation for New England's starters to be in the pastime at that pointless.

But that's Belichick for you. He does things his way.

The poser, notwithstanding, is that it can be a question of ignore to bit you. It variety of did when Patriots airtight end Aaron Hernandez left-hand the dissimulate with a command outrage after the promote engage in of the fourth area -- on a run up the midriff, no less. The jeopardy seems to far overbalance the award, but Belichick ascendancy enjoy dodged a bullet, as Hernandez told reporters after the diversion he was pleasant.

And then there was Tom Brady's bet out of the shotgun toward the end of the heroic, which fair-minded felt like a holder of Belichick getting adorable because he could.

"That's the persuasion of trifle with we pressurize on forever, and you not identify when it's flourishing to present itself up," Belichick said, adding: "We fitting felt like that was a legitimate on one occasion to do it."

The Broncos seemed to feel affection be offended at, even so. Rookie Von Miller got in a reasonably by no means on Patriots malodorous lineman Dan Connolly at the end of the think nothing of, context off a scuffle on the sideline. Belichick getting below the rookie's outer layer, you ponder?

It was first-rate Hoodie. He can be nefarious on. But hey, he's the one headed to the AFC Championship Trick, so who is anybody to express him differently?

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