News Item: : Frustration sets in as Eagles' problems mount; Week 4 notes
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Monday 03 October 2011 - 23:32:09

Communal activist Elliott Larsen for good occasionally said, "Fury always comes from frustrated expectations." And every Eagles fan woke up wroth Monday morning -- infuriated that their link up gave up 21 unanswered points to use up to the 49ers; angry that their unite is now1-3 and in last chore of the NFC East; and most of all indignant that their band is not a "Dream Team."

In spite of that Michael Vick proclaimed when asked how he felt after the brave, "I'm frustrated." In fairness to the Eagles, this in general dream team bullshit was placed on them by their backup quarterback, Vince Uninitiated, not a player who actually plays. But the sobriquet stuck, in part because it was embraced by the Eagles assembling.

Could you imagine a new gambler signing with the Patriots, then proclaiming them the reverie team? He might get cut the next day. At 1-3, the Eagles are in tribulation, obviously, but the good scuttlebutt for Eagles fans is it is motionless early.

The Eagles would rather several problems, the premier being their red precinct offense and defense. The Eagles ruined to the 49ers in part because they missed two expertise goals, but don't overlook the in truth they were 2-for-7 in red-territory opportunities.

Good teams latest touchdowns once arriving in the red belt, but for the past two weeks, the Eagles cannot tally from inside the five. They signed ex- Dolphins running overdue renege Ronnie Brown as their momentary-yardage, power clandestinely. But Brown has never been a power raw during his entire job.

Brown is like the basketball sportswoman who would rather make sure for the jumper than thrust to the rim. He is not a power player. He is an disposed-field player, which the Eagles feel to stockpile. The biggest discourteous problem for the Eagles is Michael Vick not playing as regularly as he did when he first became the starter antediluvian last year. Now, I am not blaming Vick for all of the Eagles problems, but pretty making a point that there is a change between Vick in September of 2010 and Vick in September of 2011.

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