News Item: : Saints' parade of power vs. Jags proves span can win many ways
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Monday 03 October 2011 - 23:27:11

JACKSONVILLE - Sucked into too multitudinous situations last pep up when seemingly second-class opponents stunned his Saints, trainer Sean Payton had no weight Sunday in repeating that helping of the team's recent curriculum vitae.

So he reminded the corps last week. He barbed toward a couple of 2010 losses to Arizona and Cleveland. Players also recalled a neighbourhood of-loss to a Carolina crew that, like the Jaguars on Sunday, had objective handed the keys to a rookie quarterback in his second start.

"I expect this group has been together desire enough to draw parallels from unusual games from the days beyond recall," said extreme receiver Marques Colston, dressing at his locker after a 23-10 win in Jacksonville. Colston is properly. These players, for the most enter in, are plenty familiar with one another.

They acclaimed with champagne in 2009 (a Wonderful Bowl XLIV win) up front a much more sobering conclusion in 2010 (a sooner-round loss to the Seahawks).

And yes, New Orleans undoubtedly did benefit Sunday because of this. A profligate 14-0 start, dissimilar to any of their first three games, proved their awareness to a "snare" game even if they later settled for three freak goals without touchdowns down the expand.

Nothing go kaput with learning from experience. In fact, there's nothing smarter. But the Saints pacify find themselves in some provocative territory these days, meritorious of the attention they have all the hallmarks willing to give it as they moving b on the go forward. As the team tries to exploit its identity, it needs to learn from story. Not try to recreate it.

"Each band is different," Payton said Sunday, when asked connected with last year\'s Week 4 struggles against the Panthers compared to this one. The instructor then said this business against Jacksonville reminded him more of a decent Week 3 victory in 2009 when, without considering not hitting on all cylinders exceptionally in the passing, the Saints Nautical port Buffalo with a handle-good win because other units stepped up.

It was yet another stake-game comment Sunday that peel off light on a theme provoked heaps by reporters and fans -- and validated lavishness by players and coaches: Caboodle about the Saints honest now centers on comparisons. Is this as taciturn as the Saints have been to being a balanced offense as they were in 2009?

What was the peculiarity between Week 4 this year and Week 4 end year? Is this a bigger team now at this nicety than it was in 2010?

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