News Item: : Tebow on aficionado for one play as Packers thrashing Broncos
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Monday 03 October 2011 - 23:24:37

Denver tutor John Fox headed into to the Broncos' 49-23 negative cash flow death to Green Bay intending to catch a way to work quarterback Tim Tebow into his gameplan for the Packers. Fox hardly barely accomplished that purpose Sunday as Tebow did see the fanatic, however, for one poorly executed treatment.

On first-and-10 from the their own 27 on the Broncos' deficient possession of the game, Tebow bobbled a shotgun unpremeditated, ran off left guard and was crunched for a 1-yard disappointment.

Tebow returned to the sidelines following the put cooperate and was never reinserted into the ploy, despite the lopsided fixed score and the clamor from fans at Lambeau Area for more Tebow.

The Denver Column reported a number of factors contributed in the finding to keep Tebow on the bench - the Broncos' early 21-3 default and the need to match Aaron Rodgers' aerial inveigh against - but Fox said the dereliction of Tebow's one play also fueled the sentence.

"That, and we did it in olden days and we lost yardage," Fox told the Position. "That wasn't all on him by any stint, but it didn't prove to be healthful, so we went in a different administering." Tebow said that the way the engagement developed required the band to go with Orton. "The locale there was we got behind and actually had to put it in the air" he said, "so there in reality wasn't an opportunity.

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