News Item: : Lots of targets doesn't evermore mean lots of moulding
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Monday 03 October 2011 - 23:19:12

Legedu Naanee had 11 targets from Cam Newton Sunday, but he turned those into simply 2.70 fantasy points. So unvaried with Newton throwing like he is, don't go run to snag Naanee.

In fact, fasten upon Patrick Jeffers in preference to you go after Naanee… If you weren't a believer until now, Julio Jones is in your starting lineup for the idleness of the season. He's got incredible chemistry with Matt Ryan sooner than expected and Atlanta choice be throwing the football more than anticipated…

Santonio Holmes had a sound bounce-back week at least in notice from Mark Sanchez, he's a fantabulous play for Sunday against the Patriots as a aromatic No. 2… Plenty of footballs Sunday for both Brandon Lloyd and Eric Decker (10 targets) in the Broncos offense, making Lloyd a eager No. 2 from here on out (or at least until Tim Tebow takes on the other side of)…

Mike Thomas intention get the ball thrown his way, he only won't merit big numbers. He's a decorous flex play but that's his ceiling, stable though he's seen the fifth-most targets blanket through the first month of the age…

Just off the note at 10 with Decker were A.J. Untested and Antonio Brown. Raw should be starting for you in every collude, he's another good No. 2 and Brown is now distinctly the second option in Pittsburgh and is quality a pickup and possible stretch. Overall on the period, Wes Welker is the leader far and away with 57 targets from Tom Brady (Roddy Innocent is second with 45).

Don't look for that to let up. It'll be a combat between Welker and Calvin Johnson for the call of 2011's Best Illusion Receiver.

A but more on Naanee (I understand!) - he's tied with Calvin Johnson for most red district targets this condition. Seriously, I'm not making it up.

Notwithstanding, hold off - he's got four catches in four games… Case of Miles Austin, who has seen the most red area targets in the pass-fortunate NFC East this available? Dez Bryant? Hakeem Nicks? DeSean Jackson? Jeremy Maclin? Yes, you guessed it amend - Jabar Gaffney with 6.

But the Redskins are stirring the football less and less each week, and I can't approve starting Gaffney or smooth grabbing him off the waiver wire. He has merely 17 catches so far.

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