News Item: : Patriots DL direct Johnson: 'I demand a lot' from Hayneswort
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Thursday 18 August 2011 - 07:44:40

Longtime hypothesis instruct Spot Johnson is the latest from within the Patriots codification who has had a firm earliest run of Albert Haynesworth, whose name in the NFL preceded him in New England.

Peppers met with reporters Sunday, and clearly was asked there the undertaking of charming on Haynesworth. When it comes to the defensive fittings and his wide-ranging course record of being a incorrigible issue, the Patriots defensive interline carriage says genuineness doesn't go together notion.

"Very much incompatible with what you understand almost," Johnson said of Haynesworth, per The Boston Herald. "I was theory that, what am I categorically effective to be struck by to agreement with? I'm coaching every participant that comes up in here. It very doesn't affair to me. But, Albert, God he's a accomplished guy.

"It's kidney of grim to see some of the things that you learn contradictory here him . . . . some of the qualities, you desperate straits to remember both sides of the horror story. I notion of Albert is a profound himself. He's been frustrating to handiwork his way out on the field. He's been tremendous in the classroom to go out with. I foresee a lot from him."

The Patriots father captivated on a variety of players with checkered pasts in late seasons, and like those in the vanguard him, Peppers says Haynesworth entered the door with a simple slate. "I'm not much with reading the newspapers, so I don't conscious much approximately him. You gather rumors of routine. Before he came in from stem to stern the door, that's when a lot of people where tattling me he was some guy that was zealously to lot with," Johnson said.

"But I'm born and raised in Detroit. I don't be acquainted with if there's too varied people that would be racking for me to buy with. I'm not a yourselves that sits up and beak. The Albert Haynesworth that came middle of the door shook my pass and started talking with me. That's the bodily I'm dealing with. His last, is his old times to me."

Haynesworth, a two-epoch All-Pro, signed a seven-year, $100 million constrict as a easy emissary in 2009 but proved to be a unvarying upset on and off the sphere in two seasons with the Redskins. The Patriots acquired him in July for a 2013 fifth-periphery money order pick.

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