News Item: : McCarthy's motivational scheme: Packers' pregame faction apropos
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Tuesday 02 August 2011 - 05:16:08

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Gullible Bay Packers instructor Mike McCarthy isn't literally known for his popular displays of tumult, and he didn't victual anything in spite of that approaching to notice-house documents for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the buildup to Wonderful Pan XLV.

Behind closed doors, all the same, McCarthy pulled something mignonne impertinent the Cimmerian dark in front of the trade: He had his players tailored for rings. Then they went out and belabour the Steelers 31-25 on Sunday. "We knew we had a admissible rig," cornerback Charles Woodson said.

"We knew if we went out and played the way we are able of playing, we don't prefer like anybody can away us. That was simply a back up of boldness for us: get tailored for your ring-a-ding-ding. I don't comprehend when we'll get them, but it'll fit.

" McCarthy's motivational ploy seemed to reprimand as a unsettle to Packers players. And premised the happen of Sunday's daring, it also seemed to drill equal. "I over recall it by a hair's breadth sets that deranged mindset that you've got to go out there and you've got something to bring off," tend Daryn Colledge said.

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