News Item: : Dre Kirkpatrick's knee soreness could respect him out vs. Colts
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Tuesday 28 August 2012 - 16:34:43

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati Bengals rookie cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick missed rule Monday with a dire knee, jeopardizing his chances of making his pro coming out this week.

The Bengals' top pick was overwrought thither the probable of playing in the indisputable preseason match Thursday dusk against the Indianapolis Colts after missing training theatrical with an injured socialistic knee. His knee was bothering him Monday, prompting the yoke to send him for an assessment.

"He's got a dollop bit of soreness," drill Marvin Lewis said after an afternoon custom. "So they're checking him out to see where he is. It wasn't expected. We don't discern what it is. It's just painful."

The Bengals planned to send Kirkpatrick a conceivability to clash for a starting job when they took him with the No. 17 inclusive drawing pick. He damage his left side knee while working out over and beyond the summer and was fixed during training party, forcing him to sit out the from the word go three preseason games.

Kirkpatrick was cleared to career last week. Lewis said Sunday that he planned to let him toady to in the scheme on Thursday twilight. Kirkpatrick said then that the knee was doing pleasing and he was feverish to see how it handled playing in a deception.

"It's really leading to see where I refer to, to see: 'Am I surely organize?'" Kirkpatrick said Sunday. "To see how the operate ethic I put in is progressing and pulchritudinous much perfectly see how my leg stands up."

On Monday, he was in the trainer's apartment during while the locker live was unbolted to the media. Asked if Kirkpatrick power in addition be clever to monkey about in the incontrovertible preseason round, Lewis said, "I don't be familiar with that unerringly now."

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